Eco sustainability in hotel near ancona

Environmental sustainability is not utopia in a 4 star hotel

Marchese del Grillo Relais is very sensitive about eco-sustainability, not because we consider it a simple procedure, but because we respect its principles and its way of being.
We are close to our earth, and we also do something to preserve it. We have no seal or certifications. For our territory we care about saving energy and water, we want to increase the use of renewable energies and we dispose of litter properly, always respecting the environment and always careful about litter reduction.
What we do:
  • Energy and light saving: at least the 60% works with energy efficiency and eco-save bulbs
  • Water and energy saving due to a reduced water flow in the sinks and to linen change service only on customer demand
  • Energy saving: most of lighting and heating are equipped with an automatic turning-off system
  • Heating: we use boilers with at least 90% of energy efficiency
  • We use eco-friendly detergents, using the proper quantity and avoiding waist
  • Our guest are informed on how to best contribute to our eco-friendly policy through their behaviour
  • Litter: our hotel is committed to reduce litter production and to divide it to guarantee its proper disposal
  • Information about the territory environment: available some brochures and leaflets on the flora and fauna of the region, on natural parks and other places to visit. Information about natural itineraries and paths (walks and bicycle)
hotel 4 stelle ancona

The food we choose to eat has a strong impact on environment pollution. Our restaurant philosophy is to go for food at 0 km. What is done to reduce the strong impact of fruit and vegetable transport from the producer to the wholesaler, distribution, and retailer up to the consumer? It is far better to buy and consume food coming from local farms. That’s what we do both to respect the environment but also to discover again the seasonality, freshness, tastes and tradition of our local products:
  • Kitchen: we prefer to use local and regional products, beginning a good and direct relationship with the producer
  • Mineral water: besides bottles of different waters (in size and origin) we serve in elegant pitchers tab water that is properly treated according to D.Lgs. 181 23/06/2003.
  • Cellar: our broad list offers our guest a wide selection of biological, biodynamic and with low environmental impact wines.
hotel 4 stelle ancona

Improving the world?

the first step to improve the world is to learn to “live eco-friendly”. Even we are an ecosystem, our body is strong, prolific, ancient as much as the earth element, our emotions are fluid, changeable and essential to life as well as water; our thoughts are invigorating or destructive as much as the air can be and, ultimately our soul, the spark of eternity that is inside everyone of us, can warm up and enlighten us as well as the fire. And it can also burn us if it is not properly balanced with the other elements. Eco psychology creates eco-friendly awareness starting from an eco-centric point of view; it invites us to recognize ourselves as part of the planet and of the cycle of life, we have to see ourselves as a planet, with its balances, resources and emergencies. This is why, besides the conscious shopping, litter recycling, a careful consumption of water and natural resources, the respect for nature and any other sentient being, eco psychology invites us to create eco friendly relationships even with ourselves, first of all, and then with other human beings, both on a interpersonal relationship level as well as on a social justice one. Some ideas to eco improve:

  • Respect yourself, the others, animals and other life forms, things and every other element, for what they are and not for what they mean to you.
  • Do not ever be unconditional: nothing is totally good or evil, beautiful or ugly, positive or negative. Try instead to take and highlight the best side of everything.
  • Don’t live of reflected light, but develop your own personality, be judgmental towards others and their deeds. Bring on your own ideas and compare them with somebody else’s.
  • Do not keep you knowledge for yourself: to share what you know is a human progress fundamental requirement as well as a form of expressing your opinion. Remember always that others have taught you most of what you know.
  • Consider always yourself ignorant, because today the world changes quickly and what was true yesterday it could not be so tomorrow. Every new situation, as such, will be always under your control if you will face it with humility and without prejudices.
  • Look forward to future, be farsighted and try to foresee what impact can your deeds have on tomorrow’s world.
  • Fight for your citizen rights to be respected in institutional offices. Use the democratic tools to make sure that government institutions really represent people will. Do not ever let fatalism and resignation overcome you otherwise all of your efforts will be nullified.
  • Do your best so that an increasing number of men can develop their own personality with harmony, fulfilling themselves according to their inclinations and talents.
  • Act for your inner need and do not expect any satisfaction from outside: this is going to be your strength that will allow you to face possible negative reactions from the current system
  • Do not think of success as individual but as something collective. Do not see other people opponents or potential enemies, but as potential friends or travel buddies. Individual well-being is no longer detached from the collective. A world populated only by you wouldn’t be so nice. A world no longer populated would be even less.
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