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    Fabriano's territory offers a multitude of options for nature enthusiasts. The Frasassi Caves, a source of regional pride, represent just one of the many wonders waiting to be uncovered in this unspoiled region. With numerous trails and paths to explore, you can take your time traversing the area on foot or by bike, discovering a wealth of historical and artistic treasures. The region's rich history dates back thousands of years, and its mountains have been home to both Benedictine and Camaldolese monks, whose presence is still felt in the many abbeys and monasteries dotting the landscape. Some of the most noteworthy sites include:

    • Monastery of San Silvestro
    • Hermitage of Santa Maria Valdisasso
    • Abbey of S. Elena sull’Esino
    • Rural church of Sant’Ansovino di Avacelli
    • Curch of San Biagio

    According to legend, the Templars passed through and even lived in the area, adding to the rich narrative of history and mythology. The region includes flat stretches of land, as well as the rugged and challenging terrain of the mountains, ideal for experienced bikers seeking new adventures. There are also smoother, more gentle paths for beginners or those seeking a more leisurely nature experience. The timeless beauty of the mountains is captivating, with echoes of ancient times, stunning sunsets, and starry nights reminiscent of those enjoyed by our ancestors, far from the bustle of the city. To reserve your own corner of paradise, our expert team at Marchese del Grillo is at your disposal to offer advice and help ensure your unforgettable vacation in the heart of Le Marche.

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