Wine shop cellar in Fabriano

Marchese del Grillo wine cellar, offers its customers a wide wines choice

At Marchese del Grillo wine cellar, we enjoy drinking good wine. Through a price policy transparent and fair, through our restaurant wine list we make our best to tempt our customers to enjoy good food and good wine. Our wines list, awarded several times by the national press, includes more that 1200 wine labels.

The wine cellar national selection favours Tuscany in terms of label numbers, are almost 80 the several Brunello di Montalcino that Lanfranco has stocked in no suspect times, but all good quality wine productions have gained their own space in the cellar, from the most traditional wines of Piedmont up to the last fashionable wines from Sicily. The international wines selection, gives wide space to France, with Bordeaux region at the first place, with its superb red wines and important sweet wines, up to interesting wine bottles from Africa, Asia, United States and from all over the new world of wine, especially from Australia.


Find out also the products of the Business Farm D'Alesio owned by Marchese del Grillo restaurant.

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