hotel ecosostenibile marche

Eco-sustainable hotel in the Marche region


At Relais Marchese del Grillo, we take eco-sustainability seriously, not just as a procedure, but as a way of life. We are committed to protecting our Earth, and we take steps to do so. While we don't hold any specific certifications, we take care to conserve energy and water, use renewable energy whenever possible, and employ environmentally friendly waste treatment methods to reduce waste. Our dedication to eco-sustainability is rooted in our love and respect for the land we call home.

At Relais Marchese del Grillo, we believe that the food choices we make have a significant impact on the environment. That's why we have adopted a philosophy of 0-mileage restaurant to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the transportation of fruits and vegetables from producers to consumers. By sourcing our food from nearby fields, we not only reduce the environmental impact but also promote seasonality, freshness, and the unique flavors of our local products.


  • We are committed to energy savings and efficient lighting practices. We use at least 60% energy-efficient and low-consumption light bulbs to reduce our energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • We save water and energy by reducing water flow in sinks and changing bathroom linens only upon the guest's request.
  • Energy savings: Most of the lighting and heating systems are equipped with automatic shut-off systems.
  • Heating: We use boilers that have an energy efficiency of at least 90%
  • We use eco-friendly detergents in a responsible and efficient manner, without any waste.
  • Guests are informed about how their behavior can contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Waste: The company is committed to reducing waste production and implementing proper waste separation to ensure environmentally responsible disposal.
  • Information about our land: Guests can find information on the local flora and fauna, nature parks, and suggestions of places to visit in our information materials. We also provide information on routes and trails in nature for those who prefer to explore the area on foot or by bicycle.
  • Cuisine: We prioritize the use of local and regional products in our cuisine, establishing a direct relationship with the producers.
  • Mineral Water: In addition to offering bottled water of various types and origins in different sizes, we also serve municipal water that has been treated by a special plant in compliance with D.Lgs. 181 of 23/06/2003. The water is served in elegant carafes.
  • Cellar: We offer a wide selection of wines in our extensive wine list, including those produced under organic, biodynamic, and low environmental impact regimes.


  • Respect yourself, other individuals, animals, and all forms of life, as well as objects and every other element, for what they are, and not just for what they represent to you.
  • Never be categorical: nothing is entirely good or bad, beautiful or ugly, positive or negative. Instead, try to understand and highlight the best aspects of everything.
  • Do not rely solely on the opinions of others, but instead cultivate your own unique personality and be discerning in your thoughts and actions. Have the courage to express and share your own ideas, while also being open to comparing and learning from the perspectives of others.
  • Share your knowledge with others as it is essential for human progress and personal growth. Remember that much of what you know has been passed down to you by others, so don't hesitate to pay it forward by sharing what you have learned.
  • Always remain humble and consider yourself ignorant, as the world is constantly changing and what was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow. Approach any new situation with an open mind and without preconceptions, as this will enable you to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world. Remember that knowledge is constantly evolving, and staying curious and willing to learn is key to personal and societal progress.
  • Always try to think ahead and anticipate the impact that your actions today may have on the future. Being programmatic and taking a long-term approach can help you make better decisions and contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Always strive to uphold your rights as a citizen and demand that they be respected in institutional settings. Use democratic tools to ensure that governing bodies accurately reflect the will of the people. Don't succumb to fatalism or resignation, or all of your efforts will be for naught.
  • Strive to contribute to the creation of a world where individuals can develop their personalities in harmony with their aspirations and potentialities.
  • Act according to your own inner values and motivations, without seeking validation or approval from external sources. This self-reliance will give you the strength and resilience to navigate any negative reactions or resistance from the existing system.
  • Always remember that success is not only an individual achievement, but also a collective one. Do not view others as rivals or enemies, but rather as potential friends and companions on your journey. It is important to recognize that individual well-being is deeply interconnected with collective well-being, and that we all benefit from working together towards common goals. A world with only one individual would not be desirable, and a world with no individuals would be even worse. Let us strive towards a better world for all.
hotel ecosostenibile marche
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hotel ecosostenibile fabriano
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