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Discover a hidden gem
tucked away in a corner of the Marche that boasts of rare and exquisite beauty

aziende di miele nelle marche

Miele delle Marche

Scopri le aziende amiche del Marchese del Grillo che producono miele nelle Marche

Fabriano è una città dell’entroterra marchigiano circondata dall’Appennino Umbro Marchigiano, a cui si arriva attraverso sinuose strade piacevoli da guidare, con uno spettacolo montuoso raro da vedere nel centro Italia. Storica città, ospita numerose opere d’arte e tipicità enogastronomiche, oltre ad avere una fama mondiale per la sua celebre cartiera.

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Discover the Marche region, a traveler's paradise that offers something for everyone. Whether you're in search of cities steeped in art and culture, like Fabriano, which is home to our hotel and restaurant, or breathtaking natural landscapes that remain unspoiled, exceptional food and wine, or exquisite artisan products, the Marche region has it all.
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Bio historic resort Marche

keep calm and eat well

Unwind in a large and luxurious swimming pool, perfect for moments of relaxation, located in a secluded space surrounded by lush greenery. Stay tuned for more updates on our Marquis Wellness project as we expand our offerings with new proposals.
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ristorante fabriano
ristorante fabriano ristorante fabriano

Most excellent kitchen & wine list

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(B)io Nature


Move, breathe, listen, meditate with Nature!
Experience a new form of eco-sustainable wellness during your stay at Marchese del Grillo. We use natural elements to promote the wellbeing of your body, mind, and spirit through multi-sensory pathways that blend harmoniously with the natural landscape.

At Relais Marchese del Grillo, we hold eco-sustainabilityclose to our hearts, reflecting our values and way of life. We strive to protect our land by conserving energy and water, implementing the use of renewable energy, and utilizing environmentally friendly waste treatment methods to minimize waste.

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