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Unica come Te! Unico come Te!
Venerdì 17 Marzo 2023

unique like you!
unique like you!

Venerdì 17 Marzo 2023

An evening that anticipates spring... between taste and the rediscovery of beauty and the senses... of man and woman.

The appointment is for Friday 17 March 2023 at 20.00.

With the interventions of:
Roberta Cesaroni - Life Mental Coach
Piero Guidarelli - Surgeon
Mario D 'Alesio - Sommelier

With Luca Violini - voice actor

Live music by FabriJazz

Event dinner with wine pairing €45,00 per person

Limited places. Reservation required, in a chronological sense until seats are exhausted.

We are waiting for you!
The D'Alesio family

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