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A town rich in art and culture, Fabriano is the ideal destination to spend a pleasant holiday. Choose to stay in our hotel!

Whoever stays in our hotelrooms will have the chance to visit Fabriano and to discover the artistic and cultural beauties the town offers. Our hotel is located in Fabriano, in the district of the Marche region, among the verdant valleys of the Apennines.
A town rich in culture, architectural beauties and interesting places for food and wine, the town that gave birth to the famous painter Gentile da Fabriano, nowadays comes back to the past splendour thanks to the rebuilding works after the earthquake that shook the entire town in 1997,September 26th.
There are some doubts about the origin of its name. It is likely to be attributed to Faberius, the owner of the lands on which the town was founded, otherwise it could derive from the fusion of two Latin words faber (blacksmith) and Ianus (Giano the name of the river that flows through the town).

A walk through Fabriano old town centre...

Entering the old town centre, in Piazza del Comune, one is struck by the typical medieval majesty of Palazzo del Podestà that, with its bridge structure, wants to pay tribute to the four areas of the town. Magnificent are the frescoes located beneath the arch, depicting battles, warriors and a womanly figure turning a wheel of fortune.

Fabriano Cathedral, known also as San Venanzio Church, is the main reference point for the town community believers. The cathedral, of highly artistic interest, was probably built in the XIV century and expanded around the 1600, and it hosts decorations and paintings of the famous artist Francesco Selva. But you can’t do without admiring the XVII century paintings of Orazio Gentileschi, a painter from Tuscany and also follower of Caravaggio: Stories of Passion and Crucifixion. Going on with our walk, we bump into the paper and watermark museum. Fabriano, as it is known, is the capital city of paper and to pay the right tribute to this excellent production of centuries-old tradition, the Museum is located inside the most beautiful historical structure of the town: San Domenico Convent.

Once the visit is over, among live demonstrations and illustrations of the medieval production techniques of the water-marked paper by hand, it is the moment to satisfy the palate looking for the typical product of the town per excellence: Fabriano Salami. Entirely made of minced and low-fat pork meats, Fabriano Salami has a very severe production process that everyone must respect in order to maintain/keep intact the very old traditions associated to this cold cut. Its origins date back to the end of 1800, supported by a gratitude letter written by Giuseppe Garibaldi and addressed to Benigno Bigonzetti, for having received these noble cold cuts. The Consorzio for the Production and Protection of Fabriano Salami, founded with the aim to defend and reintroduce the Salami production, contributes also to the surveillance of the laws application about this subject. Eighteen are the producers that are committed, through their work, to guarantee the product best quality, always a genuine product totally preservatives and additives free, dried at the fireside and seasoned in natural environments for at least three months.

In the immediate vicinity of Fabriano, it is possible to visit some of the most known tourist destinations of the Marche Region:

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According to the season and period, at the hotel, our staff and we are at your complete beck and call to advise you about excursions and/or events or to propose you some tours


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Choose to stay in our hotel in Fabriano, close to Ancona: our rooms are perfect to spend pleasant family moments in the Marche region

Marche region and the district of Ancona, rich and different, is a continent in miniature, with an incredible variety of landscapes, beaches, hills and mountains. Here at Marchese del Grillo hotel, you can find the ideal solution for your family holidays: a world of fun with endless itineraries dedicated to food and wine and cultural tours discovering the tastes and traditions of the Marche region. After a relaxing day spent in Fabriano, you can treat yourself with some shopping in the main commercial areas in the district of Ancona, or in the several outlets that distinguish the Marche region. Have a look at the hotel rooms and find out our restaurant menus: choose to spend your holidays in our hotel in Fabriano.

Trekking on Cucco Mountain

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All trekking, mountain bike and cycling holidays lovers can reach within 3 hours by car, from our hotel, Cucco Mountain, a tourist destination chosen by thousands of trekking lovers every year. The whole Park is characterized by a thick and well-marked bunch of paths (around 120 km.). Some of these paths are ideal for equestrian tourism and are also accessible for mountain bike rides. The tourists will find in the Park a natural oasis but also a peculiar “gym” for sport activities such as trekking, caving, free flight, rafting and cross country skiing.

Eldorado Waterpark

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At about 46 minutes from our hotel it is also possible to reach Eldorado Waterpark, in Piane di Cingoli. With its 30.000 sq. it is the ideal place where to have fun in the swimming pools and to sun bathe during the hot summer days. Peculiar of the Waterpark are the Big Twins water slides, 115metres long and equipped with lift system, they are Europe longest water slides and they can reach the 90 km/hr. the park offers three swimming pools one of which is a hydro-massage, three more water slides, a beach volley field, relaxing area with pique-nique corner, bar, restaurant and entertainment.

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    From the 25th to the 29th of April Fabriano will be the set of an extraordinary event