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Itinerari Speleologici


Distance from the hotel 25 minutes by car

For those who are passionate about exploring the underground world, the Marche region offers a wealth of opportunities to practice speleology, the thrilling discipline of cave exploration.

Located just a stone's throw away from our hotel in Fabriano, the 'Tana del Monaco' cave in the small town of Belvedere offers an exciting and moderately challenging itinerary.
Nestled on the slopes of Monte Nero lies a breathtaking natural oasis, complete with crystal-clear springs, majestic waterfalls, and an array of unique rock formations from different geological eras. The site features three spectacular caves to explore:

  • Buco 2 B is the deepest cave in the area, situated beneath the Buco Tonante cave. While its length is limited to just 75 meters, the narrow passageways provide an exhilarating and unforgettable caving experience.
  • Buco Tonanteis a cave situated beneath Tana del Monaco, spanning an impressive length of 170 meters. Although it is quite narrow, the cave offers a captivating and challenging exploration experience.
  • Tana del Monacois about 130 meters in length all on one level. It is believed that this cave may have been used in the past as a refuge for hermit monks. During World War II, the cave was used as a shelter for both partisans and civilians seeking refuge from bombing.
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