Restaurant in Fabriano

Located next to Fabriano old town centre and at few km from Ancona, our restaurant proposes traditional regional dishes revised in a creative way

The restaurant, a refined but at the same time warm and welcoming environment, was made out from those that once were the Villa’s wine cellars. Over the years the restaurantwas able to make a name in the district of Ancona and all over the Marche region, for its excellent quality food, for its restoration of the local cuisine with a special attention to innovation and experimentation and for the restaurant well equipped wine cellar, - known and appreciated in Fabriano as well as all over Italy (award winner of “Italy’s Best Wine List”). 

In the Marche region,the culinary art is a culture that has been passed down for centuries and the art of hospitality is sacred. As well for us at Marchese del Grillo restaurant, as it was over 200 years ago for the Marquise Onofrio Del Grillo, words such as smile, relax, holiday, culture and art represent the true essence of hospitality. This is the reason why with our cuisine we are constantly pursuing the most authentic flavours of our regional food and wine specialties and the traditional products that make the hinterland of the Marche region an heaven of fragrances and flavours yet to be explored.

We are waiting for you in the enchanting atmosphere our of restaurant in Fabriano, few km from the city of Ancona. Come to savour the cuisine of our Chef Emanuela della Mora whose years of experience have contributed to make the restaurant become one of the top notch ones in the area of Ancona and of the Marche region. Be enchanted by the flavour of our restaurant recipes- seasonally renewed according to the products availability- in a escalation of taste,up to the delicious desserts made by the Pastry Chef Serena D'Alesio who, since a while, has been working alongside with her mother Emanuela.

ristorante fabriano
Since always linked to our region and traditions, in our restaurant kitchen we use also the products from our farm business in the Abruzzi.
Visit the farm business website!
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+39 0732 625690

The restaurant is closed:
Sunday Evening-Monday

Download the menu!

Our menu is always combined with the market and the weekly menus, and we change it from 4 to 5 times each month.

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Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu

Esclusivamente per tutto il tavolo
Menù 'Sere, pensaci tu' - €40,00 a persona
3 portate a gusto ed umore di Serena

Tutti gli antipasti - €50,00 a persona

Menù ' Mario' - €65,00 a persona
Millefogli: local rabbit salad in potacchio style
Bread and Ciauscolo
Mushrooms Soup, porcini mushrooms, egg 63 and parsley sponge
Our way of vincisgrassi (traditional lasagna)
Slowly cooked pork capocollo with artichokes
Beef Cheek, Jerusalem artichokes and endive
Different style of chocolate


  • The best of our territory: excellence of salami - €16,00
  • Like bread and Ciauscolo - €15,00
  • Mushrooms soup, porcini mushrooms, egg 63 and parsley sponge - €16,00
  • Beans and Pig skin - €15,00
  • Our steak tartar, emulsion of egg and chips - €18,00
  • Troterellando: chopped local trout (from Esanatoglia and Sefro), sage, Ham and pomegranate - € 15,00
  • Millefogli; lacal rabbit salad in potacchio style - € 15,00
  • Fracsatelli (rice polenta) balls with tomato sauce - € 13,00

First courses - €14,00

  • Rice with rosemary, broccoli and caprino cheese ice-cream
  • Our way of vincisgrassi (traditional lasagna)
  • Organic legumes soup
  • Slowly cooked pork Raviolo, lentils, almonds and sapa

Main courses - €18,00

  • Salt cod and potatoes
  • Guinea-fowl with chestnuts and savoy cabbage
  • Fish soup
  • Beef cheek, Jerusalem artichokes and endive

Side dishes - €5,00

  • Vegetables side plate of the day

Wine glasses

Vino spumante MG09 Marco Gozzi - €5,00
Franciacorta Nature 2011 Berlucchi - €12,00
Champagne di Fabrice Bertemès
Champagne Brut Tradition - € 8,00
Champagne Blanc de Blanc 2012 - €15,00
Dalle Marche
Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva Cambrugiano 2015 Belisario - € 7,00
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Cl. Sup. 2017 Andrea Felici - € 6,00
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi  2017 La Staffa - € 6,00
IGT Marche Merlot 2016 Gagliardi - € 6,00
Lacrima di Morro d'Alba da sempre 2017 Vicari - € 6,00
Lacrima di Morro d'Alba Sup. Guardengo 2016 Lucchetti - € 7,00
Rosso Piceno Tenuta Pongelli 2014 Bucci - € 6,00
Conero Riserva Sassi Neri 2015 Le Terrazze - € 8,00
Riesling 2016 Monsupello - € 5,00
Rosso di Montalcino 2015 Il Poggione - € 8,00
IGT Toscana Syrah Bramasole 2004 La Braccesca - € 8,00
Valpolicella Superiore La Roara 2011 Ca dei Conti - € 8,00
Langhe Nebbiolo Ginestrino 2016 Conterno Fantino - € 6,00
Dalla nostra tenuta in Abruzzo Città Sant'Angelo (PE)
SciarrMant, spumante da uve Trebbiano - € 4,00
SciarrOsè, spumante rosè da uve Montepulciano - € 4,00
Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Sciarr 2016 - € 5,00
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Sciarr 2016 - € 5,00

Pecorino Superiore 2016 - € 6,00

Dishes Gallery

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ristorante ancona

ristorante fabriano
ristorante ancona

wine shop cellar in fabriano

Marchese del Grillo wine cellar, offers its customers a wide wines choice. The restaurant cellar has been awarded with “Italy best wine list” prize

At Marchese del Grillo wine cellar, we enjoy drinking good wine. Through a price policy transparent and fair, through our restaurant wine list we make our best to tempt our customers to enjoy good food and good wine.
Our wines list, awarded several times by the national press, it includes more that 900 wine labels, our region (the Marche) is represented by the best of several productions, starting from superb red wines such as Conero and Piceno, up to the always more important Verdicchio (both Castelli di Jesi and Matelica), to complete the region there is a wide selection of Super Marche wines. The wine cellar national selection favours Tuscany in terms of label numbers, are almost 80 the several Brunello di Montalcino that Lanfranco has stocked in no suspect times, but all good quality wine productions have gained their own space in the cellar, from the most traditional wines of Piedmont up to the last fashionable wines from Sicily. The international wines selection, gives wide space to France, with Bordeaux region at the first place, with its superb red wines and important sweet wines, up to interesting wine bottles from Africa, Asia, United States and from all over the new world of wine, especially from Australia.

Find out also the products of the Business Farm D'Alesio owned by Marchese del Grillo restaurant.
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    Easter is coming: stay in our hotel, in the Marche Region!

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    From the 25th to the 29th of April Fabriano will be the set of an extraordinary event