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The History of Marquise del Grillo

The hotel is located in the XVII century ancient abode built at the behest of the Marquise Onofrio del Grillo and become famous with the movie of the same name starrer by Alberto Sordi

The Marquise Onofrio Del Grillo was born in Fabriano; his father was Bernardo Giacinto and his mother the noble lady Maria Virginia Possenti, the 5th May 1714. The Grillo family, of Genoese origins and later after settled in Tuscany, were admitted to the Roman aristocracy in 1672 by Pope Clemente X, who officially recognized them the Marquisates of Santa Cristina in Gubbio diocese and the county of Portula. Bernardo Giacinto, belonging to a family cadet branch, lived in pretty/rather poor economic conditions, insomuch as he was more than once forced to address himself to the more lucky and not so much benevolent cousin Bernardo (II) Marquise del Grillo, from who he was pushed to marry the wealthy Maria Virginia (1713); but the choice was anything but a solution, because when his father in law died, the Possenti inheritance became an additional encumbrance to the already compromised family financial resources. Thanks to his uncle, Grillo was sent to Urbino where he studied law and where he graduated in utroque iure. His mother death, happened when he was young, and the family economic poor conditions, combined with Bernardo health issues, brought Grillo to move to Rome where he lived with his uncle. Living with his uncle, was for Grillo a great sacrifice: in a caricature dating back to 1745, P. L. Ghezzi describes the “Grigliaccio” as hunchbacked, very mean and scruffily dressed. The letters sent by the family to Grillo testify how his father little manias and oddities, combined with his becoming older and his health conditions getting everyday worse, were hard to bear. Nonetheless Grillo took care of Bernardo until his death, that occurred at the beginning of 1757; the death was for the Marquise and his family a relief rather than a painful loss: the years spent next to his rich relative paid him with his substantial inheritance. The inventory, preserved at Capranica Archives, makes an appraisal of over than 6000 ecus among jewels, home furniture, the library. Not estimable is the value of the different places of Monte, of the numerous annuities, of Grillo building with different workshops, of four homes, and a good number of lands.

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    From the 25th to the 29th of April Fabriano will be the set of an extraordinary event